Frequently Asked Questions is a service that provides a daily overview of floor prices and also alerts for floor price changes.
Our dev team is automatically notified, when an error occurs. However, we appreciate any feedback if you feel something is not working as expected! You can use the contact form or contact us on Twitter.
It is simply our word that represents a project / policyid that you are interested in following and receiving daily updates and/or price alerts. We might also refer to it by using "a search", "a project" or "a policy id" sometimes. Beware we are in Beta version and still trying to align those terms more clearly.
Follow these easy steps:
  • Sign up and confirm your email address/account, then login.
  • Go to your profile, click edit and change your timezone and daily time.
  • To work with the sample floorz we added, go to Dashboard or "My Floorz" and edit each of them:
    • If you want alerts for each of them, activate the checkbox "Include in floor alerts".
    • Set either or both "Trigger price down" and "Trigger price up" to receive price alerts.
  • See below how to add your own floorz.
To add your own floorz follow these steps:
  • Go to "Dashboard" or "My Floorz"
  • Click on "+Add"
  • Enter a "Search Name" to identify your floorz in a human readable form (can be chosen freely).
  • Activate "Search is active"
  • Activate "Include in Daily Updates" to include in your update emails.
  • Activate "Include in Floor Alerts" to be notified about price passing a specified trigger price (see below).
  • Choose the Project to follow:
    • Select a Project form the Dropdown.
    • Or enter the policy id of the project you are interested in.
  • Set either or both "Trigger price down" and "Trigger price up" to receive price alerts.
The floor price is the lowest price an asset of a specific project or policy id is currently offered. Note that the floor price does not necessarily reflect the real value of the asset at hand. There are various factors like rarities and subjective value that will define the value of a specific asset. However, floor price does give a general idea of the minimum value that the community denotes to a specific project.
If you activate this in your profile and on your searches you will receive a daily email with an overview of current floor prices, floor assets as well as historical price development over the last 30 days.
If you activate this in your profile and on your searches, you will receive alert emails when the floor price changes. There are various configurations to this as described below.

First of all, for each floorz you need to configure either or both "Trigger Price up" / "Trigger Price down" to receive alerts.

Trigger price down: You will receive an alert, if the floor price is falling below the defined treshold price. This is recommended if you plan to buy an asset from a followed project once the price reaches the budget (i.e. your treshold down).

Trigger price up: You will receive an alert, if the floor price is rising above the defined treshold price. This is recommende if you plan to sell an asset from a followed project once the floor price reaches a certain level (i.e. your treshold up).

In your profile you can define the "Alert Cooldown" (default is 12h):

After you have received an alert for a specific floorz, you will not receive any further immediate alerts. This is to prevent quick successions of alerts for the same floorz, since often the price might be "hovering" around your treshold. For example you set a trigger to 150 ADA, the price might be crossing this value multiple times (going up and down) within a short time period. By default it is set to 12 hours, so after you receive a triggered alert e.g. for Claynation, alerts are disabled for the next 12 hours for this project. You can set this to 1 - 24 hours.

We highly recommend leaving this to the default value or setting or even higher in order not to fill your mailbox with "identical" alerts.

You have several options to reduce the amount of alert emails:
  • Deactivate the "Alert Active" Flag on floorz you don't need alerts for.
  • Set "Trigger Up/Down" to reasonable values that you are targeting for trading.
  • Set a "Cooldown" in your profile to a reasonable high value like 6 hours or more.
  • Deactivate "Alert Active" in your profile if you don't want any alerts at all.

We maintain a price history for top projects and projects that anyone has added floorz for.

However, if you added a floorz for a more "niche" type of project we might have not yet collected price data for, then there is no initial history available. It will start to build that history once you have added a new floorz and as soon as enough data is available (2 days or more) you will see the chart.

There are several reasons your new floorz are not showing up:
  • You might have entered a policy id / combination of the above settings a "niche" type of projec, for which we don't have a history yet. Please be a little patient, it should show up after 15-30 minutes.
  • We recommend using the default settings and choosing either a project from the dropdown or setting the policy id in "Search Term". Independet of any users floorz, we are maintaining a history of top projects. Those are setup like so:
    • Project Name or Search term = Policy id
    • Project veryfied: yes
    • Smartcontracts only: no
  • You can still see all your floorz if you go to "My Floorz" where you can edit and delete them.
Please check your timezone settings in your profile.
We currently are getting data from the following APIs: We are also working on integrating data from .

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