We have switched to a new webserver, since we had trouble with 502 Bad Gateway errors. This should now be fixed and connection should be much more reliable. If you still experience issues we'd appreciate, if you'd let us know using the contact form or on twitter!

  • We finally managed to revamp our api backend and included!
  • Collections are now showing, which policyid is linked to them. (If one of your searches has a (2) in front of it's name, it means we had to split it in multiple searchs since it was previously coupled to more than one policyid.
  • You can now pin your favourites, they will always appear on top in your dashboard or emails.
  • We fixed a few bugs.

We have made adding floorz easier! You now have a searchable dropdown, just put in keywords to find the project you want to follow.

Be aware that some projects include mutliple policy id's and those will all be included in your floorz search. If you want to follow one specific policy id only, leave the Project Name empty and instead fill in the policy id of interest in 'PolicyId / Search Term'

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